Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Business Environment

Image by  pexels

Image by pexels

If there is one thing we are sure of in management, it is that a healthy work environment is integral to the success of a business. A positive work environment will open lines of communication between workers, increase productivity, motivation, and efficiency, and create positive outcomes in stressful situations. If we do not provide a beneficial work environment, our employees will suffer – and this will cause our business to suffer as well. So, how can you create and maintain a positive work environment? Follow these four valuable tips to start improving your company’s work environment today:


Promote Health & Wellness

According to Forbes, company wellness programs have been linked to higher levels of productivity, less absenteeism, and a long-term reduction in health care costs. Focusing on the health and wellness of your team will boost the morale of employees and improve both their mental and physical health. Here are a few ideas on how to accomplish this: 

  • Offer on-site flu vaccinations or other preventative care services

  • Highlight the importance of a good night’s sleep to employees’ physical and mental health

  • Include a “mental health day” to employee benefits

  • Add healthier snack options or pay for a nutritious lunch once per week 

  • Offer mental health services to all employees


Reward & Empower Team Members

Most employees want to be recognized for their hard work – even if the recognition is not financial. Team members who feel empowered and recognized are much more likely to surpass goals and expectations. The following tips will allow you to empower and motivate your team members:

  • Openly recognize and thank employees for a job well done

  • Include incentives and bonuses to reward positive performance and self-improvement

  • Foster open lines of communication between team members by setting structured ways to voice opinions and observations

Establish Trust

Trust is one of the most important workplace attributes valued by employees. Leaders should go out of their way to establish feelings of trust, honesty, and fairness among staff. To build trust between you and your team:

  • Keep your word – always. If you make a promise, stick to it.

  • Communicate with your team. Keep them updated on what is going on and any obstacles that you are facing.

  • Clearly define expectations

  • Show your team that you trust them

Promote Happiness, Positivity, & Fun

Workers who are happy are more productive and dedicated to their assignments. These are the team members who will go above and beyond to help the business profit and grow for the long-term. Here are a few ways to inject fun into the workplace:

  • Schedule team building days with fun activities like an escape room

  • Verbally remind employees to stay positive and offer words of encouragement every day

  • Encourage friendships between team members

  • Take the team out to lunch every week

  • Encourage peer to peer feedback and accountability


Every company has its own culture that trickles down to each employee and sets the standards for how employees act and view their jobs. To create a positive culture for your company and ensure that your employees remain productive, efficient, and happy, maintaining a positive work environment is key. Use the above tips to establish and preserve a positive and healthy atmosphere at the office. 

-Elise is a freelance writer from North Carolina that regularly covers health, wellness, and productivity topics for Mattress Advisor. She is especially passionate about understanding and researching team productivity and functionality, and loves to educate others on the topic through her writing.